Glenview Swimming Academy

 The Glenview Swim Academy prides itself on offering the highest quality swimming instruction in a fun and safe environment. We have a structured system of 7 ability levels to allow children to progress through the levels at their own pace.

 3-4 year old water confidence class.

Aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 4 years, the classes serve as an introduction to lessons which start from 4 years old. Basic principles are introduced such as kicking, submersion, arm action, floating and body position on front and back. They improve and build upon the child’s confidence in and around water and prepare them for a more structured class. The emphasis is on play and fun, as at this early stage it is very important that children are happy in water before they progress to our full lesson programme.


Level 1 – Tadpole

Tadpoles are not great swimmers……yet!

To help our Tadpoles get confident, we start by introducing them to our Kids pool and use a range of water based games and activities to develop basic skills such as floating, putting your face in the water and teaching the basic arm actions for front crawl and breast stroke. When our Tadpoles are ready we will move them into the main pool to try out their new skills.

Ideal for children aged 4-5 years with very little swimming experience.



 Level 2 – Ducklings

 Our ducklings have just started swimming with the main focus being on their body position and leg kick. Our ducklings will learn how to use their arms for front crawl and breast stroke to help them swim for longer. This class is taught in the main pool using floats and woggles and the aim is to get our ducklings to be able to swim short distances with no aids as they progress.

Ideal for children aged 4-6 years with some swimming experience and good water confidence.


 Level 3 – Goldfish

Goldfish are good swimmers but still need improvement. The aim of this class is to improve their Front Crawl, Back Stroke and Breast Stroke. In level 3 we will work a lot more on correct arm technique and breathing as well as developing each child’s stamina and speed.

 Ideal for 6-8 years with some swimming experience and good water confidence.


Level 4 – Sealions

Sealions are confident swimmers and the aim of this level is to work on each child’s stamina and breathing technique to help them to be able to swim a full length of the 3 main strokes easily.

This class is aimed at children aged 7-10 years or younger if they are strong confident swimmers who can swim a length or have passed level 3.


 Level 5 – Pirates

 Why are Pirates good swimmers………………..they just arrrrrrrrrrrr.

Our Pirates can swim lengths of the pool easily in the 3 main strokes and in level 5 the focus is on technique and endurance. We will introduce diving in a supervised manner and also add in some basic lifesaving skills.

 Level 5 is aimed at children who can swim lengths of the pool with good technique or those who have passed level 4.


 Level 6 – Dolphins

 In the Level 6 Dolphins class we will recap on all of the skills learned previously and correct any individual issues with technique for each swimmer. We will follow on with teaching diving and introduce tumble turns and the Butterfly Stroke.

 Level 5 is aimed at those who can swim repeated lengths with good technique or anyone who has completed level 5.


 Level 7 – Sharks/Lane Training

 Our Level 7 Sharks/Lane Training class aims to each swimmer’s endurance, stamina and speed without affecting their technique. Children in this level must be strong swimmers and be able to swim repeated lengths of the pool in the 3 main strokes as well as being able to show good technique in Butterfly.

 This class is aimed at very strong swimmers with good technique and a good level of stamina


Glenview Swim Academy



  1. What age can my child start swimming lessons?

We only take children from aged 4 onwards for swimming lessons however we do take children aged 3-4 years for our water confidence class.

  1. How long will it take my child to learn to swim?

Swimming is a life skill so we recommend that you keep swimming for life. However each child is different and how quickly they learn depends on a number of factors including confidence in the water, willingness to learn, attendance and whether they also swim outside of lessons.

From experience we think that it will take most children 2-3 terms to complete each level.

1. How long are swimming lessons?

Our swimming lessons are 30 minutes long. This is long enough for the lower levels as their concentration starts to fade and it is long enough for the higher levels as they can be very tired after a lot of swimming.

2. What do we need to bring?

A swimming hat, goggles (make sure they are adjusted to fit), a one piece swim suits for girls and well fitting swim shorts for boys. A drink and a small snack afterwards are always a good idea as children tend to be hungry after swimming.

3. Do I have to be in the pool area with my child?

No, we recommend that you observe from the reception area. Children learn easier when they are not constantly looking at their parents.

4. Do I need to bring arm bands for my child if they are just starting lessons?

We don’t recommend using arm bands in lessons. They are a great aid to keep children safe in the water but they actually get in the way of teaching children to swim. Your child will start their lessons in the children’s pool which is shallow and where they can stand easily.

5. My child doesn’t seem to be moving levels?

Children are constantly assessed by their teacher and will be moved between classes when the teacher decides that they meet the right criteria. In certain cases a child could move to another level within the 10 weeks. They don’t have to wait for the next level/term to be moved.

Some children need a few terms in one level and may pass through other levels quickly. It varies by child. All of the swim teachers understand that parents are keen for their child to move up levels. Unfortunately, unless they meet the right criteria, for health and safety reasons and the child’s confidence, they cannot be moved.

Extra practice always helps so we encourage parents to bring their children to Family Swims to improve their confidence and technique.

6. Am I allowed on the bank to talk to my child/swim teacher?

No. Due to Health and Safety and Child Protection reasons parents are not allowed on the pool deck unless invited by the by the teacher/manager.

You may be able to briefly speak to the teacher when dropping off or collecting your child from the swimming teacher.

6. Am I allowed to take pictures of my child swimming?

No. You may not take photographs of children in a swimming pool environment, regardless of whether they are your child or not.

Anyone found taking pictures will be asked to delete them from their device.

7. How long is each term?

Each term is 10 weeks long. There may be breaks for Mid-term/Public Holidays/Hallowe’en/Easter etc. Parents will be informed of these and there will also be signs in the Reception area at least