Fitness Classes

As part of your membership at the Glenview Health and Leisure Club (pool only memberships excluded) , you can take part in over 25 group exercise classes throughout the week including Spin, Pump and Lift and RIP 60 Suspension Training. Classes are included in your membership and can be booked at the Health Club reception.

Our fitness classes are varied and are suitable for members of all ages and fitness levels. Our fitness team will work with you to tailor your fitness programme to suit you and will advise you on the best classes to attend as part of your programme. All participants in our exercise classes are carefully monitored to ensure you have a safe and complete workout.

Our group exercise classes are a great place to work out with like-minded people in a fun environment. You will get to know other members and you may even make new friends.

Some of the classes we run include: (click on a class name to get a description of the class)

Super Spin
A motivating calorie burning class! The ultimate indoor cycling experience. Spin has an equal amount of sprints and uphill climbs to ensure you get a well-balanced, cardio conditioning burn. Burn up to 600 calories per class.
Super Pump
Super Pump improves muscular strength and endurance using barbells doing relatively low weights and high repetitions. Targeting all major muscle groups in the arms, legs and core.
Cardio Blast
Cardio based class to burn calories, fat and improve fitness levels.
Spin and Tone
Combination of spinning and toning for a full body cardio and strength workout to guarantee great results.
Body Conditioning
An all over body workout to tone and shape up, lean down and shed fat. Using a combination of resistance equipment and body weight exercises.
Super seniors
This class is aimed at over 60s and designed to provide a cardio workout combined with strength and conditioning moves that have a wide range of benefits.
From strengthening the key muscles of the lower body to challenging the muscles of the core and upper body kettlebells truly are highly effective improving total-body strength.
Is one of the most popular forms of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It consists of eight rounds of ultra-high-intensity exercises in a specific 20-seconds-on, 10-seconds-off interval.
The HIIT Spin class is shorter in duration but higher in intensity. This type of training is very intense but HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is brilliant for reducing work out time while increasing fat burn. Studies show that your metabolism is raised for 12-48 hours after a HIIT session.
Outdoor circuits
Is an all over body workout to strengthen and tone. Its series of stations with different exercises at each alternating between different body parts with adequate rest periods. Outside in our lovely grounds during the summer months weather permitting!
This is a body conditioning style class focusing on your arms, buns and core.
Box Fit
Boxercise is a high-intensity exercise class that combines resistance training with aerobic exercise. Boxercise is non-contact; the emphasis is on knocking your body into shape, not knocking anyone out. 
Aqua Aerobics
Is a fun water based workout that delivers an all over body workout. Aqua Aerobics combines cardio moves with strength and conditioning moves, yet remains low impact and is suitable for all levels of fitness.
Pick your class
Members choice to decide between our varieties of classes. Step aerobics, spin, super pump, kettlebells and more. A great way to add variety to your workouts and try something new. Majority rules!
Fat Burn
Cardio based class to burn calories, fat and improve fitness levels.
Strength Circuit
A circuit training style class with a focus on developing strength and strength endurance.